Original RunnersHow do I order an Original Runner?


Solid Color or Patterned Runners:
All stock products can be purchased through our website when ordering one of our standard lengths.
We cut all of our aisle runners to your exact size but custom length orders will need to be placed via the phone at 973-744-7070.

Custom Designed Aisle Runners & Accessories:
All custom orders must be placed via a phone consultation; we do not accept online orders. Call 973-744-7070 to speak with a design consultant.
Call our studio to speak with a design consultant or to request a price quote to begin your order.
We recommend having your aisle length, color palette, and design ideas available to expedite the ordering process.
We can replicate any design, motif or monogram that you desire for your custom product. Simply email your images to infoSymboloriginalrunners.com with your event information to request a quote.
Place all custom orders at least 8 weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery for your event and avoid possible rush fees.

Original RunnersHow do I get a price quote for a custom designed runner or accessory?

Simply call our studio at 973-744-7070 to request a price quote.

It is best to have your aisle length, color palette and basic design idea ready so we can assist you quickly with an accurate price quote. If you have an image, invitation or monogram that you would like to use, please email these to us at infoSymboloriginalrunners.com and we will call you with a price quote within 24 hours during our regular working week..

Original RunnersWhat are your aisle runners made of?

All Original Runners are made from a cotton/polyester blend fabric and are milled at a factory like any other home furnishing fabric. All of our runners are REAL fabric and should not be confused with the imitation gauze or paper aisle runners that are often called “cloth” runners.

In addition, Original Aisle Runners have our exclusive non-slip foam backing that will keep the runner smooth and flat throughout the ceremony. The backing works great on carpet, hardwood, tile and even various outdoor surfaces such as concrete, gravel or grass. They are machine washable.

Original RunnersAre your aisle runners really non-slip?

The Original Runner Company is proud to have invented the world’s first non-slip fabric aisle runners. Our exclusive non-slip foam backing will ensure that your aisle runner remains flat and smooth throughout your ceremony.

Still not convinced? Simply request free sample swatches and we are positive that you will be impressed by the outstanding quality of an Original Runner.

Original RunnersAre your custom products hand made?

All of our unique custom designed aisle runners are hand drawn and hand painted. With an extensive color palette, we take the utmost care to match to your flowers, bridesmaid dresses (or any other decor item) as closely as possible.

Original RunnersWhen do I need to order my Original Runner before an event?

For best pricing order as soon as possible! In order to ensure timely delivery for your event, we generally recommend a minimum of:

  • 2 weeks for Solid Runners
  • 4-6 weeks for Custom Designs Runners (with some seasonal exceptions)
  • 6+ months for early order discounts

During the summer months, custom designed orders should be placed as early as possible so you can avoid rush fees that may be added to your purchase.

Original Runners Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, our Original Runners can be shipped worldwide. In fact, clients visiting our website represent over 50 countries every month.

Original RunnersHow do I install my Original Runner?

Pre-installation of all aisle runners is highly recommended.

  • Roll out your Original Runner prior to the event and place a garland of flowers or ribbon across the back of the aisle to discourage guests from walking on the runner prior to the ceremony.
  • Have your usher or event planner direct guests to be seated from the outside of the aisle or pew.
  • If pre-installation of your aisle runner is not possible, we would recommend unrolling the aisle runner after all the guests have been seated but before the bridal party begins the processional.

Original RunnersCan the runners be used outdoors and if yes, then what is the best way to install them?

Original Runners can be used outdoors on every type of surface.

We would recommend a few safe measures for installation when being used outdoors. We can not control the wind or weather so it is best to be prepared.

On Grass: Be sure the grass has been recently cut and that the runner is spiked down in case of wind. Using simple garden stakes next to the runner will work great.

On Concrete or Pavers: Once again due to the possibility of wind, we recommend securing the sides with double stick tape or weighted objects such as flower pots to assist in keeping your fabric aisle runner flat throughout your event.

On Wood Decking: A great idea for a wood surface is to use a staple gun to secure the aisle runner but be sure to check with your venue to ensure that this is permitted. If staples are not permitted, double stick tape will work perfectly.

On Sand/ Beach: Due to the windy conditions usually associated with beach settings, we recommend installing your runner on the sand prior to the event. You may choose to lay plywood or sea grass mats under your aisle runner to provide a sturdy surface for installation. Another great idea is to bury the sides of the runner on the sand and decorate the edges with driftwood or coral for a uniquely seaside look.

Original RunnersHow can the runners be used after the wedding?

We understand the huge expense a wedding can be and are happy to offer a product that actually can be used after the event. Truly get your money’s worth by using the runner after the event in some very creative ways. Because all Original Aisle Runners are made of REAL fabric, they can be repurposed for practically anything but here are some ideas:

  • Create a family heirloom by adding additional monograms for generations to come
  • Use a portion of the runner for an amazing keepsake pillow
  • Assemble wedding photos, fabric from your gown and your custom monogram to create a truly unique memory quilt of your big day.
  • Make a custom tapestry or wall hanging for your new home.
  • Cut a portion of the runner to be used as matting when framing your wedding invitation or bouquet.
  • Craft a table runner to celebrate your romantic anniversaries.
  • Provide a unique guest book at the reception- then frame a portion after the wedding.
  • Fashion a personalized Christmas tree skirt
  • Donate your aisle runner to a church, temple, or even a lucky friend.

Visit our slideshow of ideas for after the event for your custom aisle runner.

Original RunnersAre the fabric aisle runners machine washable?

Yes, since all of our aisle runners are real fabric they can be machine washed and spot cleaned. For extremely long runners, we would recommend that they be professionally cleaned. If the runner has been custom painted then we would recommend spot cleaning. Do not dry clean.

Original RunnersDo you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate of any denomination by calling 973-744-7070. An Original Runner gift certificate makes a great engagement or bridal shower gift so call us today.

Original RunnersDo you have Wholesale Pricing?

We are happy to offer wholesale pricing to our industry colleagues. Visit our Vendor page for more information.

Original RunnersHow many times can your aisle runners be used and can they be rented?

Many of our wholesale clients do indeed rent our solid color runners for upwards of $350 per event. Depending on the color that is being used, our runners can be used anywhere from 2 to 10 times depending on color and conditions of use.

Original RunnersWhat is your Return Policy?

All orders of solid color aisle runners in the standard lengths are refundable and exchangeable pursuant to our return policy as follows:

Upon receipt of the aisle runner, the customer has 72 hours to notify The Original Runner Company of their intent to return or exchange the item by either emailing infoSymboloriginalrunners.com or calling our studio at 973-744-7070. The customer will then be provided with a “return authorization code” that must accompany the aisle runner when it is returned to our studio. No returns or exchanges will be made without an authorization code.

The “return authorization code” will only be active for fourteen days therefore all returns or exchanges must be made within the allotted fourteen-day period. Restocking fee of $40 may apply. Once the return authorization code expires no returns will be accepted.

The following is required for all authorized refunds or exchanges:

  1. The runner must be unused and in original packaging.
  2. The “return authorization code” as provided by our office.
  3. One copy of the wedding or event invitation as recorded in the original order. Aisle runners can only be returned prior to the event for which it was ordered. Clear photocopies are acceptable.

Upon receipt of the returned item, a check will be mailed to the customer in the case of a return or a supplemental aisle runner will be sent in the case of an exchange.

*All custom designed (such as hand-painted, hand-beaded, monograms, etc.) and all custom length aisle runners are NOT refundable or exchangeable. All custom design and length sales are FINAL upon processing and payment of the order.

**The Original Petite Runner and sale items are final sale and non-refundable or exchangeable.

Original RunnersWhat is your Liability Policy?

The Original Runner Company cannot accept responsibility or liability for onsite installation for any of our products. No claims, representations or warranties, whether express or implied, are made by our company as to the safety, reliability, durability and performance of any of our products. Furthermore, our company accepts no liability whatsoever for the installation of the installation tape, pins, or aisle runner in your remote location. We recommend requesting permission from the venue prior to utilizing installation tape and suggest testing a small section of the installation tape in a discreet section of the flooring. Since we cannot guarantee how products are installed on remote locations, The Original Runner Co. cannot be held responsible or liable to damage that may occur to any flooring or surface with use of products sold by our company. Installation of our products is at your own risk.

Original RunnersWhat is your Covid19 Policy?

In light of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic and the resulting wave of event postponements, The Original Runner Co has instituted new policies regarding event dates on custom Original Runners. We strongly advise against including the date on your runner. If you want the date included, you do so at your own risk. The Original Runner Co is not responsible for correcting the painted date on the runner. Paint is permanent, and it cannot be removed. If you received your runner prior to the pandemic and your event was postponed and need a date correction, then the client is responsible for the shipping fee both ways and the fee for our artist to correct the date if design and time allows. Please note that the only way to "fix" this is to add a second date to your runner as the original date cannot be removed (paint is permanent). We cannot guarantee there will be available studio time for date fixes moving forward. Alternatively, if the design allows, you can purchase a small piece of fabric that you can use to cover up the date, but it will be a noticeable cover-up. All custom products are non-refundable.

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