4 Ways You Can Decorate With Streamers

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015 - Bright Ideas

We’ve picked up on a fun new trend in the decoration department: streamers. The flowy, long, colorful strands of paper are certainly affordable and create a fun and lively ambiance! The streamers can be used in many different ways.

1. Hang some streamers at the start of your aisle to walk through, like your own little doorway.

Colin cowie MSH runnerB0fpllVIIAAmglD

2. Drape streamers off the back of your seats. This is an easy and cost-efficient way to liven up a plain white chair. You can use many colors, like shown here, or use streamers that fit a color scheme, if you have one.

streamer chairs

3. Use the streamers as a colorful backdrop for the reception. Beware of windy areas, though!


4. Instead of throwing rice, as typical for weddings, use streamers instead! They are more colorful and noticeable (and less painful!) You can either have them waved around as you leave the ceremony, or falling from above, almost like confetti!
throw streamers











We are crazy for glitter!! Are you?

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 - Bright Ideas, Featured Aisle Runner

Full glitter aisle runners are a huge favorite among our customers. And, as you can see, they really make a statement! All of these sparkly fabric aisle runners are hand made in any color of you choosing to match the decor perfectly.  One the best features of this glorious glitter runner is that they absolutely non foot traffic so they can use again or even rented.  Request your complimentary swatches today!

Carrico, Shelly (Janell Spencer) silver glittersilver glitter aisle runner Hayes, Rachael_1 Swank Events white full glitter


(Wedding Designed by Swank Events NYC)


Ireland’s Wedding of the Year is a must see!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015 - Uncategorized

The village of Ballingarry in Ireland played host to the society wedding of the year where famous UK footballers and TV stars descended to watch Billionaire Dermot Desmond’s son Ross tie the knot with fashion designer Stephanie Smart.  Trust us when we say that in Ireland this was a HUGE deal.  This glorious event was planned by our client Xena Productions so of course there was an Original Runner to decorate the elegant ceremony.  The whimsical monkey crest featured in glitter on the runner was created by CeCe Designs of NYC.

MonkeyCrest Stephanie & Ross XenaProductions SmartS_4


Congrats to Our Love Story Contest Winners!

Monday, July 13th, 2015 - Big News, Featured Weddings

We are so excited to announce the winners for our BIG aisle runner giveaway! This happy couple won an $850 Custom aisle runner for their wedding day.  Michelle and Brian submitted their  love story via Instagram using the hashtag #OriginalRunnerGiveaway:

@meechelw“Brian and I dated long distance our first two years together and spent most of this fleeting time in San Francisco where he lived since it was hard for him to travel during school. We aren’t long distance anymore but planned a trip back there for his birthday since it had been awhile and is such a special place for us! We started his birthday (his actual day of birth!) heading to a favorite hiking spot. He wanted to stop last minute at Vista Point, a lookout next to the Golden Gate Bridge he had taken me on our very first date, “just since we were going past it”. We get out and he “forgets his camera” in the car. I’m like really, let’s get with it, I’m freezing and we have hiking to do!!  He comes back with it and a map and hands me the map telling me to look up where our hike is. We know where we are going but okay, he’s excited I guess? I open the map to see this mural drawn inside! He loves to draw in his spare time and had done a cartoon replica of the exact spot we were standing with him down on one knee. He pulls a ring box from his camera bag, the wind almost rushes the map out of my hands and he asks me to give him the greatest birthday present of all, to marry him! WHAT!!! (You don’t always have the correct first response when legitimately blown away) YES!!! SO caught off guard and SO happy… just like that we were engaged in the same spot we first fell in love. Different cities, new jobs, multiple moves… love has no bounds. Can’t wait to marry this guy” – @meechelw

After letting Michelle know that her love story won our contest, she gave us the scoop on her relationship with Brian, the proposal, and wedding plans.

Michelle and Brian knew each other in high school, but didn’t really become close until they met up during a college break. Michelle claims, “I just knew that night he was going to be my husband”, and that night made her believe in love at first sight. Between school and jobs, they were unable to see each other for long periods of time, but social media — especially Facetime — helped keep them closer than ever. “We were dedicated and knew that if we could get through that, we could get through anything.”
IMG_0237.JPGTheir first real date was at Vista Point, the same place where Brian later proposed. Michelle took her very first plane flight to see him, and was super nervous the whole time! Brian, a true gentleman, offered her some peanut M&M’s to calm her nerves. He took her out on a hike over the Golden Gate Bridge to Vista Point so she could see just how romantic the view was.

Fast-forward to 4 years later. Michelle and Brian were finally living together in San Diego. For Brian’s birthday, they made the trip back to San Francisco, a special place to celebrate. From Michelle’s Instagram photo, the story of the proposal is told (highly recommend you read it if you have not yet!) The rest of the day was like a dream for the both of them. They shared a romantic dinner followed by a big Ghirardelli treat! Michelle said, ” I just kept looking at him with that ‘really?!’ look on my face”.

Brian’s drawing is currently framed in their house together. He wants to fix it up and add color, but Michelle loves it as is, with smudges and all. The couple plans on a natural themed wedding, held at The Darlington House in La Jolla, California. We just can’t wait to see how beautiful their wedding will turn out with their free $850 Custom Original Runner! Congratulations again to this wonderful couple!





5 DIY Decorations For Your Beach Wedding

Sunday, July 12th, 2015 - Bright Ideas

During the summertime, many couples will take to the beach to say their vows. Although some couples may stay with the traditional wedding decor, others use the beach as inspiration for a theme. The beach is pretty much your personal shopping center for all things decorative. Instead of breaking the bank with beach-themed purchases, here are 8 do-it-yourself ways to make your wedding more beachy.

1. Sand and Seashell Centerpieces: This is an easy way to decorate your tables within the theme. Buy some fishbowl-shaped glasses, put some sand in the bottom, and walk the shore to pick up seashells to enhance the beachy essence of these pieces. You can even include a candle in each one to add some mood lighting to the venue.







2. Sand Dollar Seating Cards:  Sand dollars are relatively easy to find and absolutely beautiful. Search the beach for as many as you can find (or just buy them from a craft store – they are pretty cheap) and use a permanent marker to write your guests’ names and table assignments.










3. Frame Your Aisle: Again, search the beach for colorful shells or driftwood to line your aisle runner. We love when the edges of the runner are buried under the sand to give the whole reception a more natural feel!

driftwood aisle








4. Candy Rock Party Favors: These little buckets with candy rocks are too cute to pass up! Of course the crafty Martha Stewart came up with these fun favors. You can buy little pails at a nearby craft store (or even a dollar store if you check during the summertime), and candy rocks are also available for purchase online. These look super authentic and your guests will love the authenticity.





5.  Let Them Eat Cake with a Beachy Vibe:  Create an elegant beach themed dessert station by adding a few starfish, sand dollars and shell shaped serving dishes.


Your Love Story Can Win a Free $850 Custom Runner

Monday, June 29th, 2015 - Big News

It’s Giveaway time! You could win an $850 Custom Original Runner just by telling us your Love Story. Follow these simple rules and we will announce our Big Winner on July 10th!

1. Follow @originalrunners on Instagram
2. Repost this big announcement on Instagram.
3. Post your Love Story on Instagram with the hashtag‪#‎OriginalRunnerGiveaway‬ & tag @originalrunners
4. Spread the word on Social Media with our hashtag for extra points! #originalrunnergiveaway

*Rules & restrictions apply.
Wedding must take place after 9/1/15 in order to leave us plenty of time to make your amazing Original Runner!
-Maximum aisle runner length is 100 feet. Prize value $850.


When Love Wins . . . We All Win!

Friday, June 26th, 2015 - Uncategorized

The Original Runner Company is overjoyed with the Supreme Court’s ruling making marriage a legal right for all Americans.  Love is Love!


NFL Player Weds on an Original Runner

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 - Featured Weddings

Congrats to our client NFL player Jason McCourty & his lovely wife Melissa on their wedding being published on InsideWeddings.com!  This Tennessee Titans player had a beautiful weddings with all the details.  Their gorgeous wreath themed monogram was perfect to be hand-painted in metallic gold on their wedding runner.

Planning done by Elliott Events & photography by McLellan Style. See all of the gorgeous pictures http://bit.ly/1Ly4jfk.


Family Crests on Trend for Summer

Thursday, February 19th, 2015 - Uncategorized

For years we have been creating aisle runners with Family Crests but we have really seen an increase in this trend for summer 2015.  Many of our clients will frame their elaborately painted crest to display in their home after the big day. What a wonderful family memento!


Customize Your Runner for Your Venue

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 - Featured Weddings

When designing a custom aisle runner it is ideal to consider where it will be installed and this was the case for this gorgeous client wedding.  We were asked to create a custom aisle runner with the client’s rose theme in two large cones and a big circle of flowers for the couple to stand upon for reciting their vows.  You can see how meticulously the design fits the ceremony location.  Additional credit goes to event planner Mindy Weiss,  Marks Garden for the over-the-top flowers and Revelry Event Designers for the decor.