Our Yellow Brick Road Your Way

Posted by The Original Runner Co. on Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

We have long been known for our unique Yellow Brick Road aisle runners but did you know you can have it your way?  Check out these client projects and give us a call to get walking down your own Yellow Brick Road.  Prices for a custom Yellow Brick Road start at $600 for 25 feet of this glorious golden path.

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9 Responses to “Our Yellow Brick Road Your Way”

  1. Sharon Says:

    May I have the dimensions and the price for yellow brick road runner, please………….Thanks !

  2. Melissa Torres Says:

    I was interested in a yellow brick road aisle runner for my sister’s wedding. Another guy fell through with one and we need one desperately and urgently. If you could get back to me as sson as possible that would be great. Thank you.

  3. Allison L Says:

    Interested in getting avyellow brick road wedding aisle runner Approx 30 to 40 ft. What is cost?

  4. Susan Says:

    Do you sell those Yellow brick road runners?

  5. Carmen Hathaway Says:

    Hello, We are having a Relay For Life event that is Wizard of Oz Themed. May I have a quote on a Yellow Brick Road Runner with full bricks,as pictured on your website. Please quote your shortest and next size regular lengthts.

    Thank You.

  6. Dana Says:

    I am looking for a yellow brick road aisle runner for an upcoming gala.

    Where can I find specifications and costs?

  7. Shelley Says:

    Yes please. How do I get it???

  8. Anna Says:


    The Yellow Brick Road aisle runner would be PERFECT for my wedding ceremony next year! I love the version on the top right. How much would I be looking at for one of these shipped to Queensland, Australia (4350)? Thank you :)

  9. Noel Says:

    I am looking for a yellow brick road runner similar to the one in the picture with the rainbow ballons. Do you offer this and at what cost?

    Thank you

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